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Health Concerns - Essence Chamber - 270 tabs
Health Concerns - Essence Chamber - 270 tabs
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Health Concerns Essence Chamber

Essence Chamber promotes prostate health and supports the urinary tract system.

What it is best for:

Chinese Therapeutic Effects:

  • Clear damp heat from the lower burner
  • Circulate stagnant blood
  • Clear dampness and promote urination
  • Tonify kidney yang
  • Promote the separation of the pure and the turbid in the lower burner
  • Clear the liver channel in the lower burner

Essence Chamber is helpful for the following symptoms:

  • Prostate swelling
  • Prostate hypertrophy
  • Prostate conditions
  • Urinary dysfunction
  • Retention and difficulty of urination
  • Frequent urination
  • Dribbling urination
  • Distension and fullness of the lower hypogastrium

Why it works:

Benign prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer are common in middle-aged and elderly men. The prostate is not an organ or bowel in TCM. However, the most common symptoms of prostate disease, difficult urination and distension of the lower hypogastrum, are categorized as long bi in Chinese medicine.

The ingredients selected for Essence Chamber are a combination of traditional Chinese and traditional Western herbal medicines. They have been chosen by Chinese traditional differentiation methods in combination with empirical and symptomatic indications. Saw palmetto (Serronoae serrulatae) traditionally has been shown in research experiments to reduce BPH. It is traditionally combined with hydrangea (Hydrangeae arborscentis).

Patrinia (bai jiang cao) rids the body of swelling and damp heat. Salvia (dan shen) and liquidambar (lu lu tong) increase blood circulation. Vaccaria (wang bu liu xing), poria (fu ling), tokoro (bi jie) and abutilon (dong kui zi) drain dampness and aid in voiding the urine. Damiana (Turnerae aphrodisiacae) is a kidney tonic that is used to increase the sex drive.


Pin Yin English
Bai Jiang Cao Thlaspi
Bei Xie Tokoro
Damiana Turnerae Aphrodisiacae Folium
Dan Shen Salvia Root
Do Chou Zang Hydrangea Leaf
Dong Gua Zi Benincasa
Fu Ling Poria
Lu Lu Tong Liquidambar
Saw Palmetto Serronoae Serrulatae
Wang Bu Liu Xing Vaccaria Seed

How you use it:

3 tablets, three times a day, between meals 270 tablets, 750 mg, 30 day supply

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