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Health Concerns - Osteo Herbal - 90 tabs
Health Concerns - Osteo Herbal - 90 tabs
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Health Concerns OsteoHerbal

OsteoHerbal supports bone health.

What it is best for:

Chinese Therapeutic Effects:

  • Strengthen the bones
  • Invigorate the blood
  • Tonify the qi of organs
  • Tonify yang

OsteoHerbal is a herbal supplement used for the following symptoms:

  • Broken bones
  • Weakness of the back, limbs and gums

Why it works:

OsteoHerbal is an empirical formula based on Dr. Fung's 60 years of clinical experience. According to Chinese medicine, aging results in the diminution of the fundamental substances, particularly essence and yang qi. Since thekidney rules the bones, insufficient essence leads to weakened bones, thus many elderly individuals are susceptible to bone fractures under circumstances that would not affect younger persons.

In this formula, the chief materia medica is lu jin, which strengthens the sinews and bones, as does gui ban. The latter two ingredients also nourish the yin and blood. To restore the kidney's production of essence, cistanche salsa (rou cong rong) is added to the formula.

Blood must also be tonified and nourished in order to maintain production of essence this is accomplished through the herbs tang kuei and rehmannia (shu di huang). Ligusticum (chuan xiong), spatholobus (ji xue teng) and ardisia (zou ma tai) invigorate the blood the latter also strengthens the sinews and bones. Due to insufficient fundamental substances, the elderly are also prone to patterns of cold and stasis. Thus, in this formula, ardisia (zou ma tai), cinnamon twig (gui zhi), chaenomelis (mu gua), and evodia (wu zhu yu) are added to dispel cold and stasis. Codonopsis (dang shen) and licorice (gan cao) tonify the yang the latter herb also harmonizes the herbs in the formula.


Pin Yin English
Chi Shao Peony (Red)
Chuan Xiong Ligusticum
Dang Gui (Shen) Tangkuei
Dang Shen Codonopsis
Gan Cao Licorice
Gui Ban Testudinis
Gui Ban Jiao Fresh-Water Turtle Shell
Gui Zhi Cinnamon Twigs
Ji Xue Teng Milettia
Lu Jin Deer Ligament
Mu Gua Chaenomeles
Rou Cong Rong Cistanches
Shu Di Huang Rehmannia (Cooked)
Wu Zhu Yu Evodia Fruit
Zou Ma Tai Ardisia

How you use it:

3 tablets, three times a day, between meals. May be taken long term 90 tablets, 750 mg, 10 day supply

Contraindications: Spleen deficiency. Also this is a warming formula. It should not be used for excess or deficient heat.

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