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ecoNugenics - MycoPhyto Complex Powder - 120 Grams
ecoNugenics - MycoPhyto Complex Powder - 120 Grams

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EcoNugenics - MycoPhyto Complex Powder - 120 Grams

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Mycoceutics MycoPhyto Complex 120g is available by EcoNugenics.

MycoPhyto® is a specialized formula that includes six potent varieties of mushrooms that are grown organically on a proprietary matrix of immune supporting* herbs and organic rice. Active components from both immune-supporting herbs and beneficial mushrooms work synergistically in MycoPhyto® to support the immune system. The herbs are assimilated into the mushroom mycelium and biologically modified during the mushroom’s growth cycle. These herbs have a wide variety of known health benefiting activities including immune enhancement. The six highly researched medicinal mushrooms used in this unique formula are: Coriolus, Reishi, Agaricus, Cordyceps, and Polyporus.