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Pacific Herbs - PMS Relief Herb Pack - 5 packs
pacific herbs pms relief herb pack 5 packs

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PMS Relief Herb Pack by Pacific Herbs is a unique and powerful powder supplement that delivers results associated with a monthly menstrual cycle.

If you have been suffering with painful periods or have only minor symptoms that are just slightly bothersome. PMS Relief Herb Pack soothes and naturally balances your body, you barely notice you even have your period.

After 2-3 months of using PMS Relief Herb Pack you may find you don’t as much as before. Often your menstrual cycle will normalize after several months and you may not need it at all.

PMS Relief Herb Pack can also be used in the middle of your cycle at ovulation for moodiness and irritability.

Take at the onset of menstrual cycle and as needed during your cycle.

1 Packet at this time is just the right dosage. Pacific Herbs PMS Relief Herb Pack can help your body function naturally at its peak.

Painful period cramps
Back pain
Achy feeling
Breast tenderness
Body aches associated with monthly menstrual cycles

PMS Relief Ingredients:
Bupleurum - Chai Hu
White Peony - Bai Shao
Angelicae - Dang Gui
Peach Kernel - Tao Ren
Cyperus - Xiang Fu
Moutan - Mu Dan Pi
Red Peony - Chi Shao
Ligusticum - Chuan Xiong
Carthamus - Hong Hua
Mugwort - Ai Ye
Corydalis - Yan Hu Suo
Dipsacus - Xu Duan
Achyranthes - Nui Xi
Baked licorice - Gan Cao

Suggested Use: Take 1 packet each day of your cycle. Mix in hot or cold water and drink as a tea. Drinking herbs as a tea increases absorption by the body, providing quick relief. Usually within 30 minutes to an hour. Take at onset of menstrual cycle and as needed during your cycle.

Use right before cycle and first day or two of cycle.
A 10 packet box will last most women 2-4 cycles. Average use is 1-3 packets per month.
Packets are convenient to carry, easy to use and give you relief in about 20 minutes.
Best taken at onset of symptoms.

Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product.

Keep out of reach of children.