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Myco Herb - Reishi Forte - 1 oz
Myco Herb - Reishi Forte - 1 oz

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Product Code: MH108-1


Reishi Forte by Myco Herb helps reduce occasional weakness, fatigue, provides support during recovery from long term illness.

Chinese Symptomology: Occasional weakness, fatigue

Therapeutic Function: Tonifies Qi and Blood, dispels Phlegm, strengthens the Lung, Liver, Heart, Stomach and Intestines, lifts the spirit

Supports immunity, helps relieve coughing, wheezing, excess phlegm
Soothes occasional insomnia and depression, supports mental tranquility and vitality
Supports healthy metabolism, weight and appetite
Supports stamina and endurance, helps prevent premature aging

Reishi ForteIngredients:
Ling zhi - Reishi mycelium and fruiting body
Shiitake mycelium and fruiting body