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United Kingdom based, Mycology Research Laboratories (MRL) was founded in 1997 and develops mycology (mushroom nutrition) and non-mycology products as dietary supplements or 'functional foods'.

MRL utilizes proprietary Japanese production technology to cultivate selected strains of the different mushrooms in California. The strains have been selected for their overall bioactivity and for their stability (purity).

These mushroom nutrition products are not extracts, but instead contain both the mycelium and primordia (young fruitbody) of the mushroom cultivated into a biomass on an edible, sterile (autoclaved substrate). Advantages over an extract are that we supply not only beta-glucans but also enzymes and secondary metabolites. Furthermore, the biomass protects the beta-glucan content from the proteolytic enzymes in the gut. Mycology Research Laboratories (MRL) takes mushroom nutrition to a new level. If you want to maximize nutrition without adding tons of mushrooms to your diet, try Mycology Research Laboratories supplements.

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